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January 27th, 2022 + 6:01 AM  ·  JackWhite

veromadrig wrote…
Sometimes passion is greater than the few bucks we may have in the bank account! But I really think there is always a solution and the good news is that branding (While you have to DIY) has many alternatives.

So I would love to point out some tips so you can think of this before choosing a color, and at the end I'll share a tool. My goal is to create in you a critical mind so anything you design makes sense with what you wan to communicate.

1. Naming
Will you go by your name, nick name or pseudonym. Once you decide this make sure to Google it and research if it's not registered or it means something terrible in another country. You can come up with a name that sounds cute like GOMI, but this word in Japan means trash! Or work all around the perfect name and then you discovered it had been registered before you. All that time invested! So do a good research before.

2. Essence
Do some research on the music you are creating. Where does it come from, what year? What were the colors, textures, movement... all the history behind your music style. You might find good inspiration behind this research and this will turn into your essence, not a copy, but glimps of what represents your project.

3. Tag line
Once you have all this research, main ideas or concepts, define your music or project in just one sentence! This will be your pitch every time you meet somebody that could help you in your music career. It's an easy way to remember your music. It's like "planting" a sentence with "keywords" that defines your project on someone else's brain. So when ever that keywords is mentioned, they will think about you.

4. Mood Board
This part here is very exciting! Go to Pinterest, create a board and start pining everything that represents your music. Textures, colors, plants, landscapes, anything! Let your mind free on this one. Once you feel you have done enough, pay attention to patterns, colors, symbols. Put them into words. And most important, find that one image that will be your Totem.

5. Colors
Choose you logo's colors. This doesn't mean that you will only use these colors. But these will be your logos colors. Then create a primary and secondary palette that you will use every time you create a marketing asset.

6. Fonts
I really suggest you do research on the history of each font and why it was made. After knowing this choose your font for your logo and buy it, if it's necessary. This can only be used on your logo. Then choose a second family of fonts for all your publicity. I recommend to use only 2 max 3 fonts that look nice together.

7. Your Style
Once you have your colors, fonts, textures, setup your style. Will you use photographs? Will you use illustrations? Start writing down your own rules and stick to them every time you create an asset for social media or your album covers.

8. Tools
So once you are aware of all the whys, here are the how's.

Logos and marketing assets for music branding https://placeit.net/music-promotion-templates
Color palette maker https://coolors.co/
Mood boards https://www.pinterest.com
Fonts https://www.dafont.com/es/

Extra info

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